A radical loan system should be introduced


The LNR plans to introduce a loan system just before the August 1 deadline.

As clubs rack up injuries alongside bubble restrictions meaning reinforcements cannot be brought in from the outside, a loan scheme appears to be the next best option with the NRL expected to consider it this week. .

“It’s a developing story and I expect it to intensify over the next few days,” David Riccio (Daily Telegraph) told NRL on Fox League tonight.

“The NRL has had a phone connection with CEOs and football managers over the past 24 hours to discuss a situation that is becoming a growing problem for clubs – it’s their game stocks and their ability to field teams.

“We are seeing clubs being stretched in terms of injuries and Covid, both personal and for bubble breaches.

While the loan system would work for the remainder of the regular season, it wouldn’t include the play-offs and the grand finale.

“This means that club players can change immediately to fill in the gaps that are increasingly becoming an issue at some clubs, namely the Roosters, Warriors, Dragons and Sharks.”

Two clubs could agree to an immediate exchange for a fixed period, comprising only one or two matches.

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